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The ideal bottling date for a wine can only be determined by a series of regular prior tastings in order to closely follow its development.

Before bottling the wine is racked to separate the clear wine from the lees and then lightly filtered through a membrane. This ensures that the wines are limpid and bright

All our Burgundy Village appellations, Premier Crus and Grand Crus are bottled by gravity flow.


All our Village appellations, Premier Crus and Grand Crus from the Côte de Nuits to the Côte Chalonnaise are bottled in Grand Cru “dead leaf” colored bottles (with a longer neck than the “Tradition” model) and receive a significantly longer cork.

We use vacuum corking, meaning that a vacuum of +0.2 bars is created between the wine and the cork before corking.

Table d'accumulation

An accumulation table, at the end of corking, allows the cork, which has just been subjected to tremendous pressure, to regain its original size. This avoids any risk of leakage or alteration in the wine.

Our wines come in 75 centilitre bottles and also, by special order, in half-bottles, full liters or magnums.