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Achat de raisin

Sourced grapes

Our range of Estate wines is supplemented with other wines made from grapes sourced from independent growers. These growers adhere to strict quality specifications which ensure that the environment and the vines are treated with the utmost respect. This allows us to produce the very best grapes which are harvested at optimum ripeness.

The grapes are vinified and matured in our cellars in Nuits-Saint-Georges. The winemaking traditionally puts the emphasis on excellence and making wines which are an authentic reflection of both their individual terroir and the vintage.

sélection des futs
Selection of barrels

We have been working for a very long time with some of the best coopers in the region. The shared experience and know-how that we have accumulated with them over the years helps us to select every year the barrels that are best suited to each wine. The origin and toasting of the staves are vital in finding the most harmonious balance of wood and wine. Subtle nuances like these are what define the character of each appellation in a given vintage.

les bouchons


Cork quality is a vital in terms of quality, and our purchase of these are strictly controlled by our ISO 9001-2000 Quality Assurance procedure. All of our cork suppliers must meet the demands of our extremely rigorous product specifications. This is an essential step in avoiding the spread of the bacteria responsible for TCA (the molecule which can give the wine a “corked” taste).
The choice of cork is determined by the ageing potential of the wine.