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The great variety and complexity of the many Burgundy appellations makes it difficult to establish a global rule for laying down wine.

Generally speaking, the Reds tend to last longer (10-15 years for the Grand Crus)

The Whites are usually better when younger, although many of the Premier and Grand Crus are capable of expressing their full potential over and beyond 20 years.

Vieillissement dans les laves

Confronted with these widely accepted rules of thumb, each consumer will of course choose to drink his wines when they give him the most pleasure, to suit his own personal taste . The younger wines will have more freshness (for example a Bourgogne Aligoté will drink best after two years, while others will need 6 to 7 years to evolve fully and others again (Richebourg for example) will require 20 years before reaching their peak!

Vieillissement sur piles

Sample bottles: Several bottles of each appellation and vintage, several are put away and kept over the years to monitor how they develop.